Pool Cover Fabric Colors and Facts

How Do I Get A Replacement Automatic, Solid or Mesh Pool Cover?

Pool Cover Specialists® has the right replacement pool covers for your pool at the best price…no matter what make or model or who installed your current cover & system!

We are one of the largest pool cover manufacturers in the world, and after 35 years of manufacturing, installing, replacing and repairing ours and EVERY other manufacturers’ pool covers…we know that a Pool Cover Specialists® replacement pool cover works on every manufacturers system.

Compare our warranty with the original manufacturers, you will see that a Pool Cover Specialists® 7 year replacement pool fabric warranty surpasses almost every other manufacturer. Just tell us which manufacturer’s pool cover system you have (or describe it to us or send us a picture), and our staff will get you the right cover for your needs. With our factories on the East Coast, West coast, Europe and New Zealand…our delivery time from payment is usually just a few days, which is 2 to 3 times faster than other manufacturers…so don’t wait! Get the best cover in the industry from a manufacturer you trust…Pool Cover Specialists®.

We do have more standard and custom colors than any other manufacturer, but…WARNING: Due to the variance in monitor settings these colors may not reflect the exact shade of Pool Cover Colors, so get a sample before ordering!

A Pool Cover Specialists® Replacement Pool Cover will work on ANY of the following manufacturers automatic pool cover systems:

Pool Cover Specialists®, CoverStar, Cover Pools, Automatic Pool Covers Inc. (APC or APCI), Pool-Saver, Aquamatic, Hydromatic, Cover-Matic, Step-Saver, Annyaide, Etc.

Fabric Facts

Pool Cover Specialists® Fabric is the strongest and most durable Pool Cover Fabric in the industry! FACT: Proprietary formulation owned by Pool Cover Specialists® and used for over 25 years…this is a PROVEN durable product and carries a 7 year warranty!

  • Low shrink, non-wicking fibers are used.
  • The polyester base fabric is carefully controlled during weaving for straightness, so there is no curving or warping of the finished vinyl.
  • The tensile strength is better than the average 18oz coated vinyl available and far superior to any laminated vinyl in the weight range.
  • Our vinyl is made with virgin PVC resin, BASF Palatinol N plasticizer, and contains no “fillers.” Other coated and laminated vinyl add chalks and other fillers to keep costs down. This is important because other manufacturers vinyl fabrics are subject to significant plasticizer migration, this means that when the plasticizers migrate out of the PVC, the vinyl becomes stiff and brittle. A Pool Cover Specialists® pool cover does not have this problem.
  • Our vinyl is “fade resistant” and maintains its luster throughout the life of the fabric.
  • Our vinyl is formulated for both chlorine and abrasion resistance.
  • Algae-free fabric means: a cover that cleans easily, and lasts longer.
  • Our fabric warranty significantly exceeds that of any industry competitor.

Matching your pool cover to your style, taste or backyard environment is an important step and one that Pool Cover Specialists® takes seriously.

Automatic Safety Cover on Rectangle Pool
Tan Automatic Safety Cover on Rectangle Pool
Automatic Safety Cover on Vanishing Edge Pool
Automatic Safety Cover Lid
Automatic Safety Cover for Swimming Pools
Automatic Safety Cover on Rectangle Pool
Automatic Safety Cover on Freeform Pool
Green Automatic Safety Cover on Rectangle Pool
Pool Cover Specialists® has plenty of fabric and webbing colors (example of webbing colors below) to help you better match your pool cover and your backyard environment. (webbings are what go around the outside edges of your pool cover and ride inside the tracks and are what the ropes are attached to), your color combinations are limited only by your imagination.
Swimming Pool Safety Cover Fabric
Replacement Solid Pin-Down and Mesh Covers are Available…let us give you a quote today!
Mesh Safety Cover
Custom Safety Cover for Winter
L-shaped Solid  / Mesh Safety Cover
Pool Safety Cover with Springs and Straps
Pool Cover and Reel
Solid Safety Cover for a Pool
Freeform Safety Cover
Grecian L-Shaped Safety Cover for Pool
More Fabric Facts: Compare Pool Cover Specialists® Pool Cover Fabric:
Strongest Fabric in the Industry

Pool Cover Specialists® Fabric is manufactured using a “molten” vinyl manufacturing process so the entire piece of fabric is all one piece and the nylon fibers are completely impregnated with vinyl…NOT separate layers glued (laminated) together like the fabric of other manufacturers. This molten impregnating process Pool Cover Specialists® uses permits the fabric to last longer and not flake apart (layers separate).

Compare Pool Cover Specialists® Fabric to our competitors’ fabric…watch this Video and be AMAZED!

If your pool cover system is giving you problems or if you are Tired of Broken Ropes and Shear Pins: With 30 years experience as a manufacturer, we simply build a better pool cover system. If your system breaks a lot of ropes or “shear pins”, it’s time to convert to the Pool Cover Specialists® INFINITY 4000™ and put your worries behind you.

Call Pool Cover Specialists® today at (800) 369-5152, Find A Pool Cover Specialists® Dealer near you, or request a Pool Cover Specialists® brochure.

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