What Type of Pool Can I Put an Automatic Cover On?

What Type of a Pool Can You Put an Automatic Cover On, and What Design Options are Available?

If you can dream it…we’ll cover it. We can cover almost any shape, size, or type of pool, including Vinyl Liner, Gunite and Fiberglass pools. We have the widest variety of mounting and housing options to get that perfect look you want.

Having flexibility and almost unlimited options are just some of the reasons why Pool Cover Specialists® remains the brand of choice of many sports celebrities, movie stars, the Vice Presidential mansion of the United States and tens of thousands of happy pool cover owners worldwide.

When designing your NEW pool, or if you have an EXISTING pool…no matter if it’s Gunite/Cement, Fiberglass or Vinyl Liner, let Pool Cover Specialists® help you combine the benefits of an automatic pool cover with your “vision” of what you want. A Pool Cover Specialists® automatic swimming pool coversprovide you and your family with Safety, Energy Conservation, Water Evaporation Elimination and Green benefits, and can easily be integrated into your new pool design with just a little pre-planning and coordination with you, your architect or your pool builder, or they can be retrofitted onto many existing pools.
Adding a pool cover does not detract from the elegance of your pool design…it enhances it! Simply put, when you are enjoying your pool…you can open it and reveal your beautiful pool in just seconds…and your cover slides easily out of the way and out of sight…revealing the full beauty and elegance of your backyard oasis.

Remember…pool covers are usually closed WHEN YOU ARE NOT THERE or are not using the pool! When it’s closed and you are not there to see it is when you realize the true benefit of an automatic pool cover.

Your pool, yard, and landscaping are there to be your oasis and your escape…Pool Cover Specialists® is there to make your life a little easier by helping to protect your family and pets, save you money, help you to conserve water and chemicals and by helping keep your pool free from debris saving you cleaning time…all while you are not there.


Take a look below at just some of the designs and ideas we have to help keep your pool and back yard a place of beauty, safer, and future maintenance a breeze!

Shaped Pools


Free-form shape adds personality to a pool – and used to complicate the application of an automatic cover. Thanks to innovative technology developed by Pool Cover Specialists®, free-form pools pose no design limit for Pool Cover Specialists® automatic covers. This photo demonstrates one of many solutions. The solution: we used the INFINITY 4000™ with a “recessed under track” system and what we call a “Deck-on-deck” design. The “Deck-on-deck” design is where the pool cover track is on an upper deck, and the pool wall resides below that upper deck. A “recessed under track” system is where the motor resides below the pool decking or below ground, hiding the drive mechanism, providing an aesthetically pleasing pool.

L-Shaped Pools or Pools with Adjoining Spa


The most radical free form shape is probably the L-shaped pool, and depending on the shape of your yard, it may be the perfect configuration of your backyard pool. Although there are various ways in which an automatic cover can be installed on an L-shaped pool, including a single-mechanism installation where the cover is permitted to slide across portions of the deck, an ideal manner in which to cover this type of pool is a dual-cover installation that includes two separate mechanisms. With the turn of a key or the activation of a touch pad control, the two covers simply meet in the middle, providing the same level of security afforded by a single-mechanism installation without the visual distraction of tracks anchored to the top of the pool deck.

Vanishing Edge Pools


If you have a backyard that slopes (is on the edge of a hill), you may wish to consider a vanishing edge (negative edge) pool, where one or more edges of the pool create the illusion of a horizon line (where the ocean meets sky). Sometimes, the effect is similar to that of water appearing to be suspended in air since the vanishing edge side of the pool remains invisible to an onlooker standing on the other side of the pool. The solution: Pool Cover Specialists® developed a “Rail Track Assembly” and unique tracking system that permits the installation of track on the vanishing edge side(s) of the pool without interfering with the vanishing-edge effect or the smooth extension and retraction of the cover.

Raised Wall Pools


Raised walls represent a popular way to ensure a creative pool design, particularly in applications where “slope” and variances in “grade” make it difficult to install a pool without incorporating one or more raised walls. The solution: Pool Cover Specialists® developed a “track retainer” that is built into the raised pool wall during construction, permitting the track to remain hidden and “flush” with the wall and creating an aesthetically clean look that hides the track from view and preserves the elegance of the pool environment.

Spas and Swim Spas


Sometimes a big, cumbersome, heavy, and hard to take on and off Spa Cover just isn’t the right option for you. Many times you need quite a bit of strength to lift and move the standard spa cover available on the market. Many times it just works better for your backyard design or a removable cover is not practical, making an automatic spa cover not only a great option…but the perfect option.

Existing Pools…Vinyl Bench and “Split” Vinyl Bench


Although it is possible to recess a pool cover into the deck of an existing pool, similar to the application of most automatic covers installed on new pools, it is also common to mount an automatic cover to the deck of an existing pool and, then, hide the mechanism inside a wood or vinyl housing that surrounds the cover mechanism and functions as an actual “bench.” The solution: Pool Cover Specialists® has developed a vinyl bench kit that can be ordered with a Pool Cover Specialists® cover system for an existing pool. This easy-to-assemble, vinyl bench is attractive, requires no maintenance, and can be designed in a manner that completely hides the presence of the automatic cover when the cover is retracted. Its affordable price, simple assembly, and attractive appearance make it an ideal choice for existing-pool applications.

Concerned about how to protect your deck mounted system without interfering with your diving board? The solution: A split vinyl bench kit that can be ordered with a Pool Cover Specialists® cover system for an existing pool. This vinyl bench is attractive, requires no maintenance, and can be designed in a manner that completely hides the presence of the automatic cover when the cover is retracted. Its attractive appearance makes it an ideal choice for existing-pool applications.

Existing Pools & Retrofits: Flush Mount Top Track Options, Custom Top Track Bench, Step Deck Designs, Deck on Deck


Sometimes your design calls for recessing a pool cover into the deck of an existing pool. Because it is an existing pool, you cannot have an under track so you must still either create a full vault to hold the system…or create a partial vault and build a sub or step deck over the partially exposed cover system. This is something to speak with your designer or contractor about as it is a little more complicated than a top track with a bench.

Design Ideas

Walk On Tray Lids


Now is not the time to cut corners…you are going to be seeing your Deck Lid feature for years to come! You need choices…and Pool Cover Specialists® provides you with plenty! We have an incredible Polymer Housing that gives you many lid options, and makes installation and maintenance a breeze. Our Polymer Housing has been designed “specifically” to be able to mount the most elegant and absolutely best looking flush fit aluminum lids (which can also be powder-coated to match your pool), or they can be used with walk on tray lids, tile, stone, pavers, and more! Pool Cover Specialists® has the components that make your builders life easier, and make “your” pool, yard and landscape look fantastic for you and everyone you show it to. You have choices…and all of them are absolutely beautiful!

For the most options…ask your builder to use the Pool Cover Specialists® Polymer Housing which is built to support the most beautiful designs available for your walk on tray lids…his job will be easier, and your finished look will be absolutely stunning.

Water Features


Water features are very popular today and can turn a plain pool into a spectacular pool. When covering a pool with unique water features, pool cover specialists can assist you. We take great pride in providing creative pool cover solutions. This photo demonstrates one of many solutions. This pool has multiple water features on two ends of the pool. The slide is only a few inches above the water, and yet we are able to cover this pool. The solution: we used the INFINITY 4000™ with a recessed system and walk-on-tray™ lid. A recessed system is where the motor resides below the pool decking or below ground, completely hiding the drive mechanism. Then, the walk-on-tray™ lid covers the motor housing creating an aesthetically pleasing pool, while providing easy access for maintenance.

Hidden Leading Edge or Invisible Pool Cover

On new construction, you can design your pool…and by design I mean you have to specifically design for a hidden leading edge. It does not work in all applications and you do need to create higher deck or vault housings, but if done correctly…it can be incredible!

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