Life-lock™ Solid Pool Covers

Pool Cover Specialists® Life-lock™ Pool Cover

A Pool Cover Specialists® Life-Lock™ Solid Vinyl Pin Down Cover is the perfect cost effective answer for those times when an automatic swimming pool cover such as our Infinity 4000™ system is just not practical or in your budget, but you still want the money saving benefits of a solid pool cover. Solid pin down covers are also excellent at keeping dirt, dirty water, debris and leaves out of your swimming pool.

With a Life Lock Pool C over you’ll get all the “long-term” (pool will be closed for an extended period) benefits of a pin down mesh cover, but they do not let the dirty water through and they are a bit safer when walking on them. We do not recommend EVER walking or playing on your pool cover…but…mesh covers, although a great cover, do allow water to come through the mesh from underneath while a solid cover does not. This may or may not be a problem for you, which is why we offer multiple pool cover options.

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  • solid vinyl pool covers for inground swimming pools
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    Solid Vinyl Covers are most often used when your pool cannot accommodate an Infinity 4000™ automatic cover. We see this most often in extreme custom shaped pools, where water features or other decorations would block an auto cover, rock formations, partially raised pools, vacation homes that are only used a few times per year but are maintained monthly, closing the pool for the winter or going on long trips.

    When you rarely use your pool…as all pin down covers take time to put on and remove and require some physical dexterity…the Pool Cover Specialists® Life-lock™ Solid Vinyl Pin Down Cover may be a great fit, and are made with the same incredible pool cover fabric we use on our Infinity 4000™ and other pool covers.

    Pin-Down Solid Vinyl Covers are also excellent solutions for storage tanks, pits or other items that simply need to be covered for an extended period of time… such as the winter months. Lets face it, a pool without some protective barrier could be a liability. Protect yourself and your investments by covering your pool. Pool Cover Specialists® has many options available, so do not hesitate to call one of our qualified experts to discuss your needs.

    Call Pool Cover Specialists® today for your Life-Lock™ Solid Cover at (800) 369-5152, Find A Pool Cover Specialists® Dealer near you, or request a Pool Cover Specialists® brochure.

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