ManualTrak (Fully Manual) Swimming Pool Cover

The Pool Cover Specialists® ManualTrak System is Designed for Small to Mid-Size Pools and Swim Spas.


The ManualTrak is the perfect affordable solution for small to mid-size pools and swim spas where a larger more robust system like our Infinity 4000™ are not practical, but you still want and need all the benefits of an ASTM certified swimming pool Safety Cover.


Although the ManualTrak uses a hand crank to remove the cover from the pool, the system utilizes many of the same components used in our Infinity 4000™ fully automatic swimming pool cover system, making it possible to upgrade at a later date.


ManualTRAK Pool Cover


ManualTRAK Swimming Pool Cover

Our unique design does not require the use of anchors, waterbags, or tie down straps to hold it in place and features a low-profile track mounted to the deck on each side of the pool to allow one person to easily pull the pool cover closed and again, just one person is needed to crank the pool cover open.


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