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Pool Cover Specialists® Incredible Mesh Safety Covers…

There are times when a more secure or permanent option is needed to cover your pool and safety is the most important factor.


Mesh Safety Covers are most often used when covering your swimming pool for long periods of time. Mesh covers are very secure and add an incredible layer of protection that is not affected by the water level in the swimming pool. They look and work like a trampoline stretched across the pool, so even with a dry or abandoned swimming pool…you have ultimate protection.


Very Secure Pool Covers


Swimming Pool Cover Stretched Tight

Pool Cover Specialists® Mesh Covers also have the advantage of being perfect for covering free-form pools of varying shapes where an automatic cover just will not work.


Mesh Covers are not designed for daily use because they take a lot of time and energy to put on and remove. They also do not require a pool cover pump because their strong woven mesh material allows water to pass through but not debris.


Many times you will see Mesh Covers used during the winter to protect the swimming pool and even to protect (in heavy snow zones) an automatic swimming pool cover that may be installed with the Mesh Cover. You also see them used on vacation homes when no maintenance will be performed on the pool for an extended period of time or the pool has been drained for the season.


Debrit in Swimming Pool Without a Cover


Pool Kept Clean with Pool Cover

Pool Cover Specialists® Mesh Covers are excellent solutions for the safety and health concerns found with FORECLOSED or ABANDONED pools, and can also be used for storage tanks, pits or other items that simply need to be covered for an extended period of time… such as the winter months. Let’s face it, a pool without some protective barrier could be a liability. Protect yourself and your investment by covering your pool.

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