PowerTrak (Semi-Automatic) Swimming Pool Cover System


The Patented PowerTrak Semi-Automatic Swimming Pool Cover System is an engineering masterpiece and the ONLY Semi-Automatic pool cover on the market.

The PowerTrak was designed for smaller pools where getting power to the swimming pool is not practical, or a mid range auto cover is desired.

The PowerTrak Semi-Automatic Swimming Pool Cover System is built for medium to small size pools and spas, and operates using a 14.4 volt rechargeable Drill instead of 110 or 220 Volt power. This means it can be added to almost any existing pool or new construction and no added electrical, conduit or electrical permits are required. The PowerTrak is ASTM Safety Certified, extremely convenient, easy to run, very low maintenance, and is perfect for locations where no power is available at the pool.


To operate the PowerTrak, just place the drill drive socket over the specially designed drive shaft in our patented gear reduce motor (there is a gear reducer motor located on each side of the mechanism). There are two (2) gear reducer motors, one on each side of the pool, one is used to open the cover and the other is used to close the cover.


Upon closing the cover, the user places the rechargeable drill in a secure location, preventing unauthorized access to the cover. The PowerTrak is ideal for existing pools and is easily mounted right on the deck and covered with our specially designed End Housings (see below), our full Vinyl Bench (see bottom picture) or simply left exposed. No matter how you mount and cover the unit, on new or existing pools, the PowerTrak does not require any electrical preparation.

The most aesthetically clean way to conceal your PowerTrak is to order the system with an optional, “zero-maintenance” Vinyl Bench.


The Vinyl Bench is made from tough weather resistant vinyl and aluminum is the perfect solution for covering the PowerTrak system and the pool cover fabric. With the Pool Cover Specialists® Vinyl Housing, the entire cover fabric, including the leading edge, retracts into the bench cavity when the pool is in use.


The bench is fully functional, making an ideal place to sit, or a great place for an arrangement of potted plants. The Vinyl Housing is available in tan or white and each one is custom built to fit your pool and cover system…they can also be built to accommodate a diving board.

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