Serenity Swim Spa Cover™

Pool Cover Specialists® Serenity Swim Spa Cover™ is Designed Specifically to Accommodate Rectangular Swim Spa’s and is priced affordably as a 1 size fits all, easy to install off the shelf unit.


However…If you would prefer a custom fit, choice of color, solid tube and leading edge bar…please order the fully Customizable ManualTrak or call 800-369-5152 to discuss your options with our consultants.


This patent-pending cover system is easy to install and user-friendly to operate because it eliminates the inconvenience associated with cumbersome, tie-down covers, which traditionally require two people to position and remove the big solid heavy covers. A single user can extend or retract the Serenity Swim Spa Cover in just seconds!

The Serenity Swim Spa Cover™ reduces costly heat loss by minimizing evaporation.


Controlling evaporation is critical in a heated swim spa because evaporating water pulls the heat from the water and requires tremendous amounts of energy to replace. In fact, each pound of 80-degree water that evaporates takes a whopping 1048 Btu’s of heat out of the pool” (U.S. Department of Energy). And unlike other, manual-track swim-spa covers, the Serenity Swim Spa Cover™ seals against evaporation without damaging the spa’s expensive acrylic top, reducing evaporation by 90+% and heat-energy loss by a whopping 70%. Average monthly savings of $100+ are common on swim spas covered by a Serenity Swim Spa Cover™.


Using a unique, patent-pending design which utilizes Universal Brackets, an expandable roller tube and leading edge bar, and a proprietary, adhesion-anchored track system, the Pool Cover Specialists® Serenity Swim Spa Cover™ requires only the use of side bolts for installation and can be installed by most swim-spa owners or basic installers in about one hour using basic tools. Each system also includes an ASTM safety kit, permitting the Spa Owner to modify the adhesion-anchored track to meet ASTM safety-cover standards.

A short list of the unique features of the patent-pending Pool Cover Specialists® Serenity Swim Spa Cover™:

  • Adjustability: The Serenity Swim Spa Cover™ comes as a complete kit, including the cover and everything you need to install the system on swim spas measuring 7.5 to 8 feet wide by 8 to 17 feet long.
  • Universal Mounting: Pool Cover Specialists® Universal Corner Mounting Brackets fit both tight and wide-radius swim-spa corners.
  • Universal Mechanism: The roller tube and leading edge bars are expandable and easily adjust to fit most 7.5 to 8 feet-wide Swim Spas. We also have a Serenity Swim Spa Cover™ that fits 8 to 8.5 feet wide Swim Spas.
  • Wheel System: The low-profile, Pool Cover Specialists® wheel system permits the cover to track evenly and prevents the swim-spa’s acrylic top from being scratched.
  • Manual Operation: The Serenity Swim Spa Cover™ utilizes a manually-operated hand-crank to retract the cover and a rope tether to extend the cover over the swim spa.
  • Adhesion-anchored Track: The Serenity’s track is anchored securely to the top of the swim spa with a patented, incredibly strong, adhesive product.  This revolutionary, patent-pending design allows the tracks to be attached to the ceramic top of the swim spa without drilling, using screws or causing irreparable damage to the Spa’s beautiful surface.
  • Proprietary Fabric: Pool Cover Specialists® Dura-Life™ cover fabric is the strongest fabric available in the industry and is backed by a 5 year limited warranty.

NOTE: The Serenity Swim Spa DOES NOT Include a COVER PUMP which must be purchased separately. It does include an ASTM Safety Kit which includes: cover end-locks and roller-handle lock (required for ASTM safety-cover compliance) and an order form for a standing-water-evacuation pump (ordered separately not included.)

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