Beautiful, Safe & Green™

Automatic swimming pool covers save lives, save money, and they are environmentally friendly. We sum it all up with our catch phrase: Beautiful, Safe & Green™

Automatic Swimming Pool Covers Save Lives!

A Pool Cover Specialists® automatic swimming pool cover is classified as an “Isolation” Barrier in some U.S. States, which unlike other barriers or fences, an ASTM certified Automatic Pool Cover actually isolates the pool water from the pool deck and its surroundings eliminating the temptation of the water all completely.

Automatic Safety Covers Seal the Pool in on All 4 Sides

Water…swimming pool water in particular carries a fascination with children. Children are drawn to water they can see. When you can “Isolate” your pool water, you remove much of the temptation…because automatic swimming pool covers completely covers the water and seal the pool on all 4 sides. Other safety devices only block access to the pool water or sound an alarm once the child is already in the pool. An automatic swimming pool cover has tracks on two sides, a strong  leading edge bar on the front end of the cover and a motor assembly at the other end, completely sealing off all points of entry into the water.

Automatic Swimming Pool Covers Are Strong

An ASTM Certified automatic swimming pool cover is strong and, in an emergency, can be walked on…similar to walking on a waterbed. This solid surface makes a safety barrier that even if a child falls, runs, crawls, or in any manner gets on top of the cover is virtually impenetrable.

Latham Automatic Safety Covers Rectangle | GREY MOSAIC inground pool