If you have a Swim-Spa, Pool Cover Specialists® has both automated and manual options that will fit into many designs and budgets.

Over 35 Years of Experience

With over 35 years experience in manufacturing automatic and manual Swim Spa covers for existing Swim Spa’s, we have designed specific brackets and system options that work perfectly with just about every type of existing Swim Spa on the market. If you are not sure if your Swim Spa can be covered, call or email us and let our design experts answer your questions.

Decide Which System Is Right for You

In most cases, if you can put two straight lines, one on each side of the Swim Spa rim, without covering any controls, pop-ups, etc., then we can probably put a cover on your Swim Spa. So, now that you know you can have an automatic Swim Spa cover, you just need to decide which system is right for you and what your budget is. Keep in mind, regardless of your budget…an automatic or manual swim spa cover is a “vapor barrier” which means that if your swim spa is heated to roughly the same temperature as a swimming pool, then by adding a vapor barrier swim spa cover you can reduce your heating costs by as much as 85%, making it possible to have a return on your investment in as little as 2 to 4 years.

Just like Building a Home…You Have to Start with a Strong Foundation

With a Swim Spa we need a solid surface on each side of the Spa. Most Swim Spas have just enough room on their lip to accommodate a cover, but many people like to have a “deck” around their Swim Spa and that will work as well.

Because the mechanism for both the fully automatic system and the manual system are attached to one end of the Swim Spa…you can do a little construction if you want to hide the mechanism and add a well constructed cabinet or housing. Doing this pre-planning will help you achieve the beautiful and functional look you want…and provide you with the safety, energy & water conserving benefits of a Pool Cover Specialists pool cover system.

Account for Your Spa Features

Make sure all of your controls, water features, pop-ups, speakers, TV’s, etc. are considered when looking at adding an automatic or manual swim spa cover…you may need to add a deck, or move the tracks to the lip sides verses on the top of the spa. We also have a special 3M tape we use to attach the tracks to your Gel-Coat finish if you do not want to drill. Don’t get nervous about this last statement…we have many options to help you get the effect you are looking for.

Don’t guess…let us help!

Our trained staff of consultants can walk through it with you and your installer, or we probably have a factory trained installer in your area who can work with you and get you through the whole simple process. Call Pool Cover Specialists® today at (800) 369-5152, Find A Pool Cover Specialists® Dealer near you, or request a Pool Cover Specialists® brochure.

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