A Pool Cover Specialists® automatic swimming pool cover can save you as much as 85% on your heating, gas, electrical and chemical bills, and will reduce evaporation by as much as 90%.

Pool Cover Specialists® Automatic Swimming Pool Covers save you money

There are plenty of studies and data to prove it. To put it in simple terms…you place a roof on a house to contain the heat and save energy…a swimming pool cover does the same thing for a heated pool. Just like a house without a roof, a pool without a cover will cost you up to 85% more than a pool with a cover. This could be as much as $4,000 in savings per year, just for having a Pool Cover Specialists® pool cover.

An Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Will Pay for Itself in about 2 to 3 Years!

A Pool Cover Specialists® Automatic swimming pool cover system, in most cases, will literally pay for itself in about 2 to 3 years!

In fact, if you were to finance your cover, the savings achieved from reduced energy consumption, fewer chemicals used, and the cost of water…could more than offset your payment. It’s actually better than a “free cover” since you will continue to generate savings long after you have recouped your entire Pool Cover Specialists® automatic swimming pool cover investment. How is that possible?

Automatic Pool Cover Facts

Automatic covers function as passive solar collectors, collecting UV energy during the day and trapping that energy at night.

Automatic covers all but eliminate evaporation, but we’re not just talking about saving the cost of evaporated water. When water evaporates from your pool, expensive heat energy (BTU’s) are lost as well…this is the gas and electricity used to heat the water…and that energy is expensive to replace, especially as the cost of energy rises.

Automatic covers reduce chemical consumption (another bi-product of evaporation) by as much as 70%

The life of pool plaster, vinyl liners and filtration equipment is substantially increased on covered pools.

Here is the proof:

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An Automatic Pool Cover Gives You Time To Enjoy The Savings

Pool covers only work when you use them. Here’s where the Pool Cover Specialists® Infinity 4000™ shines. Just flip a switch! In seconds the pool is covered! No lugging heavy tarps or hand cranking. It is the convenience of opening or closing your pool in seconds, as often as you like, that helps reduce energy consumption and gives you the time to enjoy your pool. You get big benefits with no effort.

Your pool should be an oasis from your busy life, a place to be pampered. Because automatic pool covers keep pools free of dirt, leaves and other debris, you’ll spend a lot more time enjoying your pool and a lot less time cleaning your pool–or paying someone else to do it for you.

Save 3 to 5 Thousand Gallons of Water This Summer

A pool cover reduces evaporation by up to 90%.

Pools differ in evaporation rates due to air heat, shade, water temperature, and humidity. Arrive at your pools present rate of evaporation by marking a spot on your pool wall and observe the lower water level. Then compute the monthly savings you could achieve using an automatic pool cover