What Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

Yes, as per the study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy and several other noted studies…Automatic Swimming Pool Covers can reduce the energy consumption of a heated pool by as much as 85% (savings of $1,500 to $4,500 per year). Much like the roof on your house traps the heat your furnace economically produces…a Pool Cover Specialists® Automatic Swimming Pool Cover traps the economically heated water produced by your pool heater. You can find many of these studies linked at www.ispaca.com including the U.S. Department of Energy Study.

Yes, much like a roof on your house holds the heat in your home…as per the study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy and several other noted studies…an Automatic Swimming Pool Covers can help reduce evaporation by as much as 90%. Evaporation can cause all kinds of havoc in an indoor pool environment and saves energy as well, because most heat loss in a pool is a bi-product of evaporation. The more you reduce evaporation, the more energy, water, and money you save!

Yes, it acts as a “passive solar collector.” A passive solar collector can be defined as: Taking advantage of warmth from the sun without the addition of fans, pumps or other types of motors. Passive solar heating requires no moving parts. Check the “codes” in your area. In some locations, Passive Solar Collectors may qualify for tax incentives or rebates.

Yes and no…there are some available, but it depends on your local government. There are some rebates available in certain communities across the US. Some are specifically for Automatic Covers and some are for covers in general. You will have to check your local area to see if there are any rebates or incentives available to you. You may also want to call and ask your local government, water company or power company to check into the energy and water savings (as per the U.S. Department of Energy Study) attributed to the use of an automatic swimming pool. Some communities may have tax credits for “Passive Solar,” so again, you will have to check with your local government.

Yes, Pool Cover Specialists® Automatic Swimming Pool Covers are UL rated and exceed the ASTM F1346 – 91(2010) Standard Performance Specification for Safety Covers and Labeling Requirements for All Covers for Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs. In addition, they meet the required CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) guidelines for Automatic Swimming Pool Covers as stated in the CPSC’s “Safety Barrier Guidelines For Home Pools, PUB. NO. 362, which states: Power safety covers can be installed on pools to serve as security barriers. Power safety covers should conform to the specifications in ASTM F 1346-91. This standard specifies safety performance requirements for pool covers to protect young children from drowning. Europe has similar guidelines and our covers also meet Afnor NF-P90-308 guidelines which are used throughout Europe.

Yes, go to www.ispaca.com. There are many links to information, studies, charts and graphs.