Already have a Gunite (Cement), Fiberglass or Vinyl liner “in ground” swimming pool? No Problem, Pool Cover Specialists® automatic swimming pool covers can fit into many existing pool designs from a classic rectangle to custom shapes.

With over 35 years experience in manufacturing automatic swimming pool covers for existing pools, we have designed specific track and system options that work perfectly with just about every type of existing pool out there. If you are not sure if your pool can be covered, call or email us and let our design experts answer your questions.

No Matter the Shape…We Can Put a Cover on Your Pool

In most cases, if you can put two straight lines (one on each side of the pool), no matter the shape…we can put a cover on your pool. So, now that you know you can have an automatic pool cover, you just need to decide which system is right for you and what your budget is. Keep in mind, regardless of your budget…an automatic swimming pool cover is classified as a standalone barrier in many states and is also a “vapor barrier” which means that if your pool is heated, just by adding a pool cover you can reduce your heating costs by as much as 85%, making it possible to have a return on your investment in as little as 2 to 4 years.

We have the system to meet your needs.

From our incredibly convenient and budget conscious fully manual system the ManualTrak to our fully automatic lines of the INFINITY 4000™, you will be amazed at what we can do with a Pool Cover and your pool!

Just like building a home…you have to start with a strong foundation.

With an existing pool we need a solid “deck”. You can also do a little construction if you want to hide part of the system mechanism and add a well constructed Concrete or Pool Cover Specialists® Polymer Housing Vault (which attaches at the end of your pool). But for most people who are adding a pool cover to an existing pool, the pool cover mechanism is placed on top of the deck. The pool deck and vault determine the type of pool cover system that can be installed, and can add more options and benefits for beautiful aesthetics, easy installation and years of hassle free maintenance.

Consider Your Pool Features

Second…make sure all of your water features, fountains, waterfalls, slides, ladders, stairs, rock formations, volley ball or basketball posts, skimmer boxes, etc. are considered when looking at adding a pool cover…they may need to be adjusted, water feature shutoff’s added or have specially made hinges added to accommodate the vault, tracks, and leading edge bar that pulls the cover onto the pool. In most cases this is very easy to do.

The Shape of Your Pool Must Be Considered

Third…the shape of your pool must be considered…rectangles are elegant and easy, but even free form, kidney or other designed shapes, in many cases, can easily be covered if you plan ahead and remember that there are basic design limitations with all automatic safety covers…namely…you have to be able to put two straight edges somewhere on each side of the pool. BUT…just because you have straight lines on each side of the pool doesn’t mean you cannot be creative and use deck-on-deck, recessed track options or extreme cantilever designs to follow the shape of your pool, or simply use our low profile snap down top track options.

Don’t get nervous about this last statement…

We have many options to help you get the effect you are looking for.  We will insure your installation matches your home design.

Don’t guess…let us help! Our trained staff of consultants can walk through it with you and your installer, or we probably have a factory trained installer in your area who can work with you and get you through the whole simple process.

Call Pool Cover Specialists® today at (800) 369-5152, Find A Pool Cover Specialists® Dealer near you, or request a Pool Cover Specialists® brochure.